Create a Writing Habit

Small changes you can make to get started writing every day

Elin Melaas


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Do you want to start writing, but life always gets in the way? If so, we are in the same boat. Now is the perfect time for a change in mindset and creating habits to take us all closer to our goal.

In the next 30 days, I’ll participate in the Ship 30 for 30. I will write and publish every day.

Are you ready to take action? Join me in this writing journey!

Here’s how I’m creating a writing habit:

1) Waking up one hour earlier

Make this hour YOUR time.

This hour is the time I set aside to start my new writing practice. If I wake up one hour earlier to write, it will not affect anyone.

2) Write without distractions

Oops, time flies. Distractions steal your sacred hour.

When you get up, make yourself a cup of coffee, turn off all distractions and start writing.

Use your time wisely. Do not just drop by to check email, stocks, or social media before starting. Procrastination is the enemy and can’t be the default action any longer.

3) Publish without the text being thoroughly edited and perfect

Ditch imposter syndrome. There are probably not that many people who read the text in the beginning anyway. Just publish.

If you struggle to get started with your writing, make changes now. Get up an hour earlier than usual, turn off all distractions, write, and publish. Throw procrastination and the restraining imposter syndrome overboard.

You can do this!

Are you ready to do a 30-day writing challenge?

Join the next August cohort of Ship 30 for 30! You’ll participate in their 30-day challenge, find a supportive writing community and learn so much about becoming a better digital writer.

Go check it out and see if this could be something for you: Ship 30 for 30.



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