My Favorite Tools and Why I Love Them

AeroPress, laptop, and headphones make my day!

Elin Melaas
2 min readApr 25, 2022


AeroPress coffee maker, cup of coffee, and coffee beans
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As a mother of two busy and noisy girls, me-time is pretty much lacking. Fortunately, I have some tools I value highly. They bring me joy, nourish me intellectually, and allow me to grow and follow my dreams. I get to live in another world, at least for a while.

Let’s dive in and take a look at my treasures.

1. AeroPress

I love my AeroPress. I want my coffee to be delicious every time, and the AeroPress never fails. I use it several times each day.

My morning routine is simple. I grind 20 grams of Pike place medium roasted beans from Starbucks, boil water, and put it in the AeroPress. I let it steep for 2,5 minutes, pressing down the plunger, and voila. I take my delicious coffee, sit in the easy chair and find my second favorite tool:

2. Laptop

Even though I’m sitting in my living room located by a forest in Telemark, my laptop allows me to enter another world. A world that, at all times, will enable me to find topics I’m interested in. This is a treasure I greatly appreciate.

Right now, my world is Ship 30 for 30. I write essays, read, engage with others, and learn a lot. It’s a great world to be in.

3. Headphones

Did you notice that my kids are making noise? Of course, kids are supposed to make some noise. I love that I can block out their sound pollution with the earphones. In our house are happy kids who can stream their (awful) dubbed series and a happy mom who can listen to an inspiring podcast. Win-win.

Do you have any favorite tools to share?

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