WHY Write and WHAT To Write About?

Get answers by borrowing my 3-step plan

Elin Melaas


Drawing over skills and passions
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Define your WHY, explore your skills and passions, and research trends to get closer to becoming a successful digital writer.

Are you dreaming about becoming a digital writer but are still unsure about your why and what? You and me both then. However, I will try to find some answers. I’ve created an action plan inspired by this podcast episode from The Side Hustle Show.

1) Why write?

You should define why you write. If not, it will be easy to quit writing when the strenuous days are coming.

My why:
I hate that if I want to make money, I can’t decide how to spend my time. I want to become a digital writer to be flexible about when to work. As a bonus: to do something I like.

“A person is a fool to become a writer. His only compensation is absolute freedom. He has no master except his own soul, and that, I am sure, is why he does it”
— Roald Dahl

➡️ Why do you write?

2) Skills and passions

What do you find in the intersection between your skills and your passions?

As for my skills, I know I’m a good learner, and I think I’m good at teaching. Some of my passions are reading, coffee, travel, writing, and working out. What is my intersection? Teaching something obvious. Maybe how to make delicious, recommend books or something regarding starting to write? (Yep, like this story)

➡️ What are your skills and passions? Do you see any possible intersections?

3) Trends and keyword research

Find out what people want to read about by using Google trends or keyword research tools like Semrush (paid) or Soolve (free).

Use your intersections from above and explore if anything stands out.

My idea: best fantasy books of all time (I have some reading to do!) Luckily, Shadow and Bone are popular — and I love that series.

➡️ Do you find something to write about?



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